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ACN Regional Workshop in St. Louis, MO

Date: Monday, November 6, 2023

Location: St. Louis, MO, at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center



8:00 AM              Registration & Breakfast

8:30 AM              Welcome with Martha Mintz, ACN President and Holly Spangler, ACN Midwest Regional Workshop Chair

8:45 AM              2024 Industry Outlook – Don Close, Terrain Ag

9:15 AM              Music and Writing with Steve Werblow

10:15 AM            (Net)Work Break

10:30 AM            The Good, Bad and Ugly of AI: Amy Simons, University of Missouri School of Journalism; and Greg Horstmeier, DTN/Progressive Farmer

11:30 AM            Lunch and Session: Joana Colussi, visiting Brazilian ag journalist at University of Illinois

12:30 PM            Danforth Center Tour

1:45 PM              (Net)Work Break

2:00 PM              Photography 101: Making the Most of Bad Light: Martha Mintz  

3:00 PM              Writing in 3s Panel: Three experienced writers share their 3 favorite headlines/3 best SEO headlines/3 best routes to finding stories/3 favorite writing books or tools/3 best leads – and more! Betty Haynes, Farm Progress, will moderate this panel, which includes Martha Mintz, Corral Creek Communications; Holly Spangler, Farm Progress; and Bill Spiegel, The Furrow

4:00 PM               Thank you and adjourn


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5 Reasons to Attend ACN Regional Workshops

Skill Enhancement

ACN Regional Workshops are designed to provide hands-on training and practical experience in a specific area. By attending, you can acquire or improve valuable skills that are directly applicable to your profession. The knowledge and skills gained in an ACN Workshop are often immediately applicable to your work. You can start using what you’ve learned right away, which can lead to improved job performance and outcomes.

Knowledge Expansion

ACN Workshops often delve deep into a particular subject matter, so they provide in-depth information, insights, and the latest updates in your field, allowing you to stay current and well-informed. As you acquire new knowledge and skills, your confidence in your abilities tends to grow. This newfound confidence can positively impact your work and career progression. ACN Workshops are highly interactive. You can engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback from instructors and fellow participants. This active learning approach often leads to better understanding and retention of information.

Networking Opportunities

Workshops bring together professionals with similar interests and goals, which is conducive to creating new connections and building meaningful connections with peers, industry experts, and potential collaborators. ACN Workshops can also open doors to new career opportunities. They may introduce you to potential employers, clients, or mentors who can help advance your career.

Professional Development & Personal Growth

Attending workshops can be valuable to your professional development. Many employers value employees who actively seek opportunities for skill development and growth.  Beyond the professional benefits, workshops can contribute to your personal growth. They challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, learn from others, and adapt to new situations. If you have a particular issue or challenge in your work, workshops can provide tailored solutions and strategies that you can apply directly to address these issues.


ACN Workshops often feature guest speakers or thought leaders who can inspire you with their experiences and success stories. This inspiration can motivate you to set higher goals and strive for excellence in your field. In today’s rapidly evolving world, lifelong learning is essential. ACN Workshops offer an accessible and practical way to engage in continual learning and personal development.

How to Get Your Company to Pay for

Your Professional Development and Training

Tell them what learning opportunities you’re interested in.

Learning opportunities come in various formats, from webinars and courses to workshops and conferences. Let your employer know which topics interest you and will add to your professional development.

Show the return on investment. 

After telling your employer what trainings are beneficial to you, you need to show them the return on investment you receive, but also what the company receives.

For example, our Regional Workshop in St. Louis, MO, on November 6 will cover topics such as photography, writing, artificial intelligence, design and more. You can tell your employer you’ll become a more well-rounded professional by learning the latest in these fields. This can make you more effective at work, which can increase sales and lead generation.

Make a specific request. 

Give your employer the details for the training, whether it’s a book, a link to an event, or an email you received. Tell them the time off you’ll need and when. Lastly, don’t forget to include associated costs like travel, meals, registration costs, and lodging. Provide all the information in one ask to your employer with a timeline, why this training is important, and a financial estimate.

For our St. Louis, MO, workshop on November 6, you might say:

“If the company pays the registration cost of this ACN workshop at $XXX, I estimate I can increase sales and lead generation in the company, improve my skills in writing, design, photography, and source organic and relevant stories for the company, while also creating connections that will benefit myself and the company in the future and staying up to date with the latest in the industry.”

We had a great event in Springfield, IL!

From writing to photography, social media to investigative journalism, our speakers were amazing, and attendees had multiple take aways.

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More meetings are coming in 2023 — what kinds of content would you like to see? Email us at