Why You Should Host an Intern

October 3, 2017News, Professional Development

By Laurie Bedord, Chair, Future Agricultural Communicators Chair   Have you toyed with the idea of hosting an intern but weren’t quite sure if it would be worth the time and effort? Rather than try to convince you that becoming a host for an AAEA intern is a worthwhile endeavor, I’m going to let comments from … Read More

What the Andy Markwart Award Means to Me

October 3, 2017Ag Media Summit, Awards, What I Learned

By Jessie Scott, Sponsorship Chair   During my first Commodity Classic, I went to a client dinner where I was sandwiched between Mike Wilson and Jeff Caldwell. I’d only been working for Successful Farming magazine for a few months at the time, so that combination made me wonder what I had gotten myself into! But … Read More