Co-Chair: Sarah Hill
Co-Chair: Rachel Lium

A. Professional Development
Designed to provide learning opportunities throughout the year and serve as a resource for young professionals. These opportunities will primarily be delivered by webinar, with the exception of March and July. In March, we will look to have a face-to-face meeting. Then in July, the session will be proposed as a part of AMS, while being streamed/conducted as webinar for those who can’t attend.

1. October: Agriculture – AP Style – Grammar
2. November: How to Navigate Workplace Dynamics (working with older generations)
3. December: It’s Crazy Out There — The Best of Time Management and Staying Organized
4. January: How to Advocate for Yourself and Your Story
5. February: AAEA Awards — Pick a Winning Entry
6. March: Skills Boot Camp
a. Day 1: Advanced Social Media (2 hours in the late afternoon/evening)
b. Day 2: Morning photo adventure (1/2 day) and Best of Photoshop (1/2 day)
7. April: The Intricacies of Working with Business Development and Sales
8. May: Advanced Social Media — Discover How PR Firms Use SM for Big AG
9. June: The Science to Creating Hot Headlines
10. July: Get to Know AAEA – Committee Structure and Roles, and How to Get Involved (@AMS)

B. Creating A Community
Create a Facebook group as a way to stay engaged and develop a sense of community. Goals of the group will be to:
1. Share stories, ideas, and things of interest.
2. Offer feedback on an article, project (help)
3. Discuss issues of importance and concern
4. Point out good resources (websites, books, orgs)
Facebook Live: Could serve as a follow up from the webinars/learning opportunities to share what you’ve done with that (ie best headlines, videos, hot topics and issues to keep your eye on). Could also serve as a place for members to get feedback/critiques on photos from expert photographers or just from each other.

C. AAEA/AMS Offerings
Consider expanding MarComm Awards and including expanded descriptions to help guide people about what should be entered (what qualifies), what the judges are looking for, and links to previous winners.
1. Design
2. Video
3. Infographics
Create an AAEA Award Entry “How To.” This should include deadlines, URLs, and contact info for help.

Host a “Young Professionals Mixer” at the beginning of AMS to give a sense of community and connect people before things officially kick-off.

Offer a Track for Entrepreneurs/Freelancers
1. Best way to track time and manage invoices
2. Accounting ins and outs
3. Keeping, Sorting, Filing ALL those Receipts
4. Securing the job and exceeding expectations
5. When S*** Hits the Fan – What to Do
6. How to Keep a Steady Flow of Work