TypeDues3-Year Dues
Dues after Jan. 13-Year Dues after Jan. 1
Individuals working for general or specialized agricultural publication or media outlet published in the United States or Canada and which either (1) has paid circulation and/or (2) accepts paid advertising. The primary source of funding for the media outlet comes from either paid circulation or paid advertising. The primary job function of the communicator is media and content creation.
Individuals engaged in content creation, photography, video, design, digital and social media, blogging or other communications work directly related to publishing content about agriculture or food. Individuals engaged in agricultural communications work for a governmental agency, an educational institution, a non-profit institution or foundation, or an agribusiness company.
Individuals employed by agribusiness companies, marketing and public relations agencies, commodity organizations, government agencies and others who support AAEA but whose individual role does not have an editorial or content generation function. Communicators who primarily advocate for a position or are sponsored content providers are eligible for partner membership.
You are retired. Retired memberships are available for members who are retiring and at least 62 years of age.
You are a full-time student enrolled in an approved agricultural communications curriculum.
New Member Special
This is your first year of membership. This rate is only good for one year.

*Memberships are based on a calendar year. Membership renewals begin October 1st.