Each year AAEA honors an individual who is a leader and gives something back to the agricultural community with the AAEA Distinguished Service Award. This award is sponsored by ADM.


The selection committee seeks someone still active in agriculture rather than part of the distant past; someone who shows significant potential for becoming an agricultural leader; and someone who would consider the award meaningful, be willing to accept the award at the Agricultural Media Summit and be videotaped at his/her home or office sometime this summer.

While contributions to the industry are important, service to the agricultural community is equally important. A nominee’s interests, like those of many past recipients, should include giving something back to their community.

If you have questions, contact Legacy Committee Chair Larry Dreiling at ldreiling@aol.com or 785-628-1117.

Past Award Recipients

2018 Orion Samuelson

2015 Rolland “Pig” Paul

2014 Dr. Joe Martin

2013 Dr. Michael Duffy

2012 James Evans

2011 Dr. Paul Sun

2010 Danny Klinefelter

2009 Max Rothschild

2008 Dwayne Beck

2007 Dr. Keith Collins

2006 Jim Gerrish

2005 Howard Doster

2004 James Moseley

2003 Barry Flinchbaugh

2002 Marilyn Adams

2001 Carlos Crovetto

2000 James Kinsella

1999 Dr. Temple Grandin

1998 Dr. Harold Breimyer

1997 John C. Harris

1996 Howard Wuertz

1995 Edward L. McMillan

1994 John Bradley

1993 Sister Thomas More Bertels

1992 Dr. Perry Adkisson

1991 Dr. William E. Field

1990 Robert P. Havener

1989 JoAnn R. Smith

1988 Clayton K. Yeutter

1987 Dr. Don L. Good

1986 Herman Warsaw

1985 Dr. Kenneth L. Bader

1984 Dr. Neil E. Harl

1983 Dr. Roy M. Kottman

1982 Dr. Chester C. McWhorter


1981 Doris Royal

1980 Francis Mulhem

1979 Charles A. Black

1978 Thomas H. Jukes

1977 Earl L. Butz

1976 Russell Jeckel

1975 Oliver E. Nelson and Edwin T. Mertz

1974 David Hume

1973 Theodore Schultz

1972 Orville A. Vogel

1971 Donald Spencer

1970 Carroll Plager

1969 Joseph Ackerman

1968 Robert B. Tootell

1967 Norman E. Borlaug

1966 Glenn Burton

1965 Earl W. Heady

1964 E.F. Knipling

1963 D. Howard Doane

1962 Albert K. Mitchell

1961 William I. Myers

1960 Henry Agard Wallace

1959 W.T. Spanton

1958 Perry Holden

1957 A.B. Graham

1956 A.D. Weber

1955 H.H. Kildee

1954 Ezra Taft Benson

1953 Thomas F. Wilson

1952 Sam Higginbottom

1951 Hugh Hammond Bennett

1950 Donald F. Jones

1949 H.E. Babcock

1948 E.S. Macfadden

1947 Liberty Hyde Bailey